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  • Do I have to do anything to prepare for my session?
    Yes, you should start drinking 2 liters of water the day before your session. Being well hydrated is essential in flushing out the broken down fat from your system since it is removed through sweat and urine. Also, No caffeine and no alcohol it may inhibit your results.
  • How long does a session usually take?
    Typically a session can range between 30 mins to 2 hours. Duration is based on what services are received.
  • Is a consultation required for treatment?
    Yes, everyone must receive a consultation to determine if they are an eligible candidate.
  • What should I wear?
    If receiving body treatment, please come showered and wear comfortable workout clothes. Sports bra preferred. For Infinity Butt lift services, please wear thong underwear.
  • Are Walk-ins welcome?
    No, we’re are by appointment only.
  • What method of payments can I use?
    We currently accept Cash, Credit /Debit, Cash App and Zelle.
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